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Works on all platforms:

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

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What can Atticus do for you?


Write your book in the only editor built by authors for authors.


Prepare your book for publishing with easy to use and customizable templates.

Write your book in the editor built for authors

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Format Professional Books in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Seamlessly import your existing work

Finished writing your book on another program, or want to start formatting previous works? No problem! Just import your work with a couple of clicks.

Then you can either keep writing, or begin turning your book into a beautifully formatted work of art.

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Step 2

Choose the look and feel of your book

Use one of our templates or design your own custom theme to create a unique look for your book.

  • 17 templates
  • 1200+ Unique combinations
  • Custom theme builder
Step 3

See what your book will look like on different devices

Preview your book on a variety of devices to see what your book looks like before you publish.

Start Formatting Your Book

Your export will work with ANY book market and platform

and more…

A Safe and Secure Place for Your Writing

Works online
and offline

Write from here, there or anywhere. Work online, offline, in a plane or on a train – Atticus works no matter where you are.

You own your data
and we keep it safe

Atticus will automatically save your words as you write and will back it up on the cloud so you don’t have to worry.

Why Choose Atticus

We’re paws down the best companion for any author.

Vellum Vellum


  • Platforms


    Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook

  • Exporting Options



  • Importing Options



  • Number of Chapter Themes



  • Number of Fonts Supported



  • Full Bleed Images

  • Custom Chapter Theme Builder

  • Volumes and Parts

  • Large Print (All features)

  • Footnotes

  • H2-H6

  • Version Control

    Coming Soon

  • Callout Boxes

  • Cloud Storage and Backups

  • Price

    $249eBook and Print

    $147eBook and Print

Made by Authors for Authors

Whether you’re a fiction or non-fiction writer, Atticus was made with you in mind.

Works on any desktop or tablet device

We built Atticus as a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means it works on
all devices with a browser, whether you’re online or not!

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

See what people are saying about Atticus

It’s a call worth answering.

Once upon a time, Luke Skywalker was just a farmer. Humble beginnings. Full of dreams. Then Frodo got called to carry the One Ring. Now Atticus rises, inviting authors to create and publish better-crafted books.

Jeremy Bursey Author

It’s an innovative breath of fresh air

Atticus is definitely the writing app to watch. It makes beautiful ebooks possible for everyone, and it’s an innovative breath of fresh air.

Michael La Ronn Author

One App To Rule Them All

After using Atticus to publish two books I realized how laborious my previous setup was. Atticus replaced all of the software packages I was using. With Atticus I can now write, format and export from one system.

Robb Wallace Author

Great For New Writers

I’m a new writer, and I love this program. It’s easy to use, and it’s fun. Not only that, but it’s also professional in appearance. They really have done a fantastic job, with this program. The support team is helpful and friendly.

Romantically Van Author

I’m really impressed!

My questions were answered promptly, factually, in great detail and in a friendly and encouraging manner. I find Atticus itself very appealing due to the intuitive way it works and the choices it gives.

Kay Von Randow Author

Five stars!

Atticus is easy to use and gives me so much time back by simplifying the formatting process for each new project. The team is super responsive for suggestions and troubleshooting and I’m really impressed with the end product.

Bee Murray Author

Save time on book formatting and get back to writing

We think authors should own their tools, so when you download Atticus, you own it. No forced subscriptions or compatibility concerns. Your work, your files, your app.

  • Instant Access to Atticus – Format your book on any desktop device, with or without an internet connection.
  • Ongoing Updates for Life – Pay once and you’ll receive ongoing updates, including new features and improvements – forever!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back, no questions asked.

Price: $147

One time payment (No monthly fees. Forever.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find it here? Check out our support page

Great question! Yes – you can use Atticus anywhere that has a browser or a machine that is capable of downloading software, including not just PCs and Macs, but also your tablets and even smartphones.

You can also login to Atticus from any secure device, any time.

Atticus is a one-time purchase and will include all future updates at no additional cost!

You definitely don’t need to be a professional formatter or designer to use Atticus. Basic computer skills are all you need to get started, and our tutorials will walk you through the entire process of formatting your book. If you get stuck, you can always get in touch with our great customer success team for more personalized support.

You can format as many books under as many pen names as you can write – there are no limits!

Yes, with Atticus you can use the same file to export to both ePub and PDF for your digital and print-ready books, or you can create duplicate versions of your book to make custom adjustments unique to each version.