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Write and Format Professional
Books and eBooks

Atticus is the all-in-one formatting tool to help you get your book print and ebook ready in less time.

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Works on Any Desktop or Tablet Device

Using a Progressive Web App (PWA), you can download Atticus onto your computer and access it anytime. Even better, Atticus works both online and offline. You'll only need to be connected to the internet when you first login to the software or when you are uploading and exporting.  

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Meet Atticus

An author's best friend!

Atticus combines all the tools you need to go from planning to formatting in one place. Say goodbye to all the other apps you thought you needed to create a beautiful book.

Works Online or Offline

Using the Progressive Web App, you can take Atticus with you on the go

After downloading the Progressive Web App (PWA) of Atticus onto your Mac or PC computer, iPad, iOS device or Chromebook, you can take Atticus on the go. The only time you'll need internet connection is when you initially log in and when you import or export. That's it!

Everything you need to go from idea to published author

Currently, Atticus gives you the ability to write and format professional books. However, as you can see from our plan below, we want to make Atticus the all-in-one book writing software. Plot, Plan, Write, Collaborate, and Format.  

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Write the Perfect Story

No more functionality overload (you shouldn't need to buy a course to learn how to use a writing program).
Find everything you need to focus on your writing with Atticus' intuitive features. 
Writing Feature
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Format Quickly and Easily

Spend less time formatting and more time writing.
Create beautiful Print and eBook versions of your book in minutes. No costly formatter required. 

Plan and Outline Your Book

(Coming Soon)

Forget the post-it-notes and subscription services.
Plan your book where you write it and never forget an important detail.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Collaborate and Edit

(Coming Soon)

Stop cluttering up your documents folder with final "Final" FOR REAL THIS IS THE FINAL copies. 
Keep track of your project and get input from co-writers, editors and beta readers right within Atticus.

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