How to Access Atticus: Online or Download

Welcome to Atticus!  In this article, you’ll learn how to setup your account and download Atticus onto your computer or smart phone. 

To get started, once you’ve purchased Atticus, you will receive an email within 10 minutes with a link to create your account.  Once you’ve clicked that link, it will open up your preferred web browser and you can setup your account. If you can’t find this email after 10 minutes, please contact our support team at support@atticus.io.

Enter in your email address, and a password. This will bring you to this page where you can either start a new project or upload a previous word doc to begin.

Now, there are two ways in which you can work on Atticus. 

1. Using A Web Browser

This option is web-based and can be used as a traditional web-based program. To log into Atticus, please follow this link right here: https://app.atticus.io/


Atticus will work in most browsers on most devices, however we strongly recommend avoiding Edge browser, which is known to have multiple issues that can affect how Atticus operates.

2. Using The App

You can also use Atticus as an installed app on most devices by clicking the “Install Atticus” icon in the url bar of your browser. 

The app will function exactly the same as a the browser version and they will synch automatically.

For more detailed and device-specific instructions on how to install your Atticus app, please select one of the options below.

  1. Mac Computer
  2. Windows Computer
  3. iOS Devices like iPads or iPhones
  4. Chromebook
  5. Android Device


Atticus is designed to be used on any device that is convenient to you, but ideally only one device at one time. To ensure the best quality syncing between devices, we recommend you log out of one device, which will force sync everything to the cloud, and then log into your other device, where everything should be waiting for you!

3. Using Atticus Offline

With Atticus, you have the option online as well as  work offline, giving you complete freedom over where and when you’ll work on your book, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

While working offline, whether you prefer to use the app or browser version, Atticus will save to your local browser and as soon as you are back online it will automatically synch with the server and be reflected anywhere you use Atticus.

You will need to be connected to the internet to upload an existing document and/or export your book. Before going offline, make sure you are logged into Atticus on the device you’ll be working on.


While you’re offline, your work will automatically save to your local server. When you’re done, hit the Save button in the top right, next to the ? button, to force sync all your content and add an additional level of safety for your content.

Last Updated: 06/06/2023

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