Adding Hyperlinks in Atticus

In this article, we’ll walk through the process of adding links within Atticus. 

There are many variables between different types of software, and Atticus isn’t always able to import links from Word documents correctly, so it’s always best to adjust any links in your manuscript from within the app itself. 

If you have imported links, you can click on any of the blue text to see whether or not it imported correctly. If it is blank, you will need to edit it and re-enter your url, including the appropriate ahrefs, such as http:// or https://

After entering your link, make sure you click the “Update Button” to ensure the link saves properly.

To add a new link, you can highlight the text you would like to serve as the hyperlink, and click the “Link” button in the toolbar of either the writing tab or the content section of the formatting tab. Enter your link including the necessary ahrefs and click “Insert Link.”

Hovering over any link in your document will show you the URL it is directing to. If the link looks good, you can test it by clicking on the “Visit URL” link that appears in the popup when you click on the link inside the writing window, or click directly on the hyperlink inside the previewer window.

If you have a link attached to the wrong wording or simply a link that you no longer want included, you can click the link and choose “Delete” to remove it entirely.

I hope this quick explanation has been useful – happy linking!

Last Updated: 11/01/2021

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