Companion Books and Special Editions

The self publishing industry has been enamored with the possibilities and potential of going wide and publishing directly. I’ve discussed it on our YouTube channel and in our newsletter previously, with a particular focus on fiction authors. Thanks to an enlightening conversation I had with Ray Brehm for the upcoming Book Sales Summit, I want to elaborate on the topic and welcome in the non-fiction authors amongst us.

The Untapped Market of Companion Books

In my interview with Ray, we discussed the vast potential for companion type books and their potential to significantly boost your revenue streams. For the purposes of this conversation, I want to clarify that I don’t mean “companion novels,” or a story that happens in the same timeline as your original novel. But rather a companion piece that helps your reader gain a deeper understanding of the original book. From workbooks and guided journals for the nonfiction author to world-building encyclopedias for the fiction fantasist, the possibilities are really only limited by your imagination and, possibly, time availability.

Fiction Authors: A Creative Goldmine

For fiction authors, consider how a deeper dive into your story’s universe could captivate your audience. Imagine publishing a world or magic system encyclopedia, a character’s journal, or even a fan fiction prompts journal. These “side hustles” can become beloved treasures for your dedicated fans, providing them with a closer connection to your characters and the world they have fallen in love with, while also helping to financially support your author business and maybe even grow your raving fan base larger.

Nonfiction Authors: Authority and Engagement

On the nonfiction front, companion books like workbooks, logbooks, or guided journals can serve as powerful tools to deepen your readers’ understanding of your subject matter. These resources not only bolster your authority but also enhance reader engagement by offering practical applications of your insights.

Special Editions: Elevating Your Offerings

Special editions provide a unique opportunity to add value to your work. Think gilded edges, premium color editions, or hybrid book+workbook formats that cater to your audience’s desire for something a bit more exclusive. These editions can command a higher price point, increasing your profit margins and offering your fans something truly special.

Direct Sales: A Path to Greater Profit

Selling directly to your audience removes the constraints of being beholden to a single platform. You can explore creative ways to package and sell your work, from limited editions to signed copies and beyond. This direct sales approach not only maximizes your earnings but also strengthens your connection with your readers.

The Book Sales Summit: A Must-Attend for Authors

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Let’s Hear From You!

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Share your ideas for great complementary or companion books in the chat section of the video and let’s continue to explore new avenues for success together. See you next week for more self-publishing insights!