Convert ePub to mobi

Midway through 2021, Amazon stopped accepting mobi files when uploading to KDP for publishing eBooks. For that reason, Atticus was not developed to support the export of mobi files, however, this short tutorial will show you exactly how to convert ePub to mobi quickly and easily.

Despite the new publishing standards, Kindle devices themselves are designed to load mobi files. Many authors provide their ARC teams with advanced copies of their books, not yet published, to be directly uploaded to their Kindle devices and, for this, a mobi file is still required. 

While you can’t currently export mobi files using Atticus, our exported ePub files do convert to mobi very nicely using the free Kindle Previewer software

Once you have it installed on your computer, you can easily convert your book in order to send directly to Kindle devices.

Preview image of an Atticus formatted ePub file opened in Kindle previewer. To convert to mobi, click File, Export, and choose the file type .mobi

To learn more about the export options within Atticus, check out this related post: Exporting Your Book and eBook

Last Updated: 10/13/2022

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