Creating A New Book In Atticus

In this article, we will show you how to create a new book in Atticus. If you would like to import existing work, please refer to this article right here instead.

Step 1: Open Atticus

First, go ahead and open Atticus. On the homescreen, locate and click a “New Book” button.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Book Information

You will see a window pop up. Go ahead and add the Title and Author. You can always make changes to this entered information later.

The Project Name is useful when a book is part of a series, but isn’t required to create your book.

To create your new book, click Go Get Em Atticus!

Step 3: Begin Writing

By default, Atticus will open up your newly created book in Writing mode.

You’re all set and you can now begin writing your new book.

Last Updated: 10/20/2022

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