Creative Resilience For Authors

Think of creative resilience like your secret superpower as an author. It’s that awesome ability to keep your creativity flowing and your spirits high, no matter what plot twists life throws at your writing journey. It’s about bouncing back stronger from those “Oh no, my character’s stuck in a dead-end!” moments and turning “I just can’t write today” into “Wow, where did all these cool ideas come from?”

To become truly resilient, creatively speaking, we all need to get very comfortable with change.

Imagine being the hero in your own writing adventure. When change comes knocking – whether it’s a new trend in self-publishing, a shift in your writing style, or even a big ol’ hurdle in your personal life – your creative resilience is what helps you open the door with a smile. Change isn’t always a terrifying monster under the bed, but could just be the thing leading you directly to your next bestseller.

Is resilience a skill?

Some personalities love change (like myself!) and others dread it like their worst nightmare. Where I may be spending too much time looking for new techniques to try out, others have their blinders on, repeating “but this is how it’s always been,” as a mantra.

Don’t get me wrong – some things are perfectly fine just the way they are and thrill seekers like myself need to curb their enthusiasm in a big way. But change shouldn’t be seen as all good or all bad, all the time.

For writers, not only are our characters going to be put through the wringer, but real life will challenge us just as much. Our villians tend to show up in the form of technology gremlins, inner sales demons, and marketing mayhem.

Resilience is the skill that enables us to adapt to new writing trends, overcome creative blocks, and persist through the ever-evolving landscape of self-publishing. Developing this skill may be stressful at atimes, but it has the power to transform your writing career arc from “regular author” to “hero self-publisher.”

There will be battles, but you can be victorious!

Authors Embracing Change

When your genre popular spikes or dwindles, when they-who-shall-not-be-named changes the rules for categorizing your books, when AI takes the world by storm, or when your favorite tech program updates, know that with each and every change you master, you are growing and becoming stronger as a career author.

And hopefully, you’ll have plenty of side-kicks to help you through the tricky times (Atticus is always here to support you!).

Find Consistency Through Chaos

The outside world is always going to bombard us with change, and we will have to adapt. There is no way around that and we really shouldn’t try to avoid it. There’s no growth without change, right?

Establishing consistency within the aspects you have total control over can help you maintain a feeling of stability and control.

For example, I’ve historically been a bit of a spontaneous writer – grabbing moments here and there, writing in bursts of inspiration. I was also frequently frustrated that my writing progress always felt very slllllloooooooow.

I decided to try something new (well, new for me): setting a specific time for writing each day. It was a struggle at first. Since escaping my “real job” I have a strong aversion to scheduled hours of operation. But here’s the thing – this change was all about creating consistency. It’s about making a commitment to put my butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard, rain or shine, inspired or not. And guess what? It’s starting to work. I’m finding that this little change towards consistency is actually making my writing time more productive and, dare I say, even more enjoyable.

More importantly, since doing so, I’ve accomplished more in a few weeks than I usually do in a few months. This one initial change has ended up creating a consistency that has dramatically improved my output.

Scheduling time to right is admittedly not a wow-worthy concept, but I’ve found that quite often, the simplest things that we ignore for being too easy, can have the biggest impact.

Plotting Your Author Adventure Story

Embracing both change and consistency is like navigating through a sci-fi adventure. Every challenge is an antagonist, driving us toward our own hero moments. And every moment of consistency, every scheduled writing session, adds to our arsenal of weapons.

Along the way, don’t forget to celebrate each victory, learn from each setback, and keep your eyes on the prize – getting more books into the hands of readers who cannot wait to hear from you.