Customize Preformatted Themes

In this article, we’ll explore the preset themes within Atticus to help you format your book with professional quality in just a few, easy steps.

Choose a Preset Theme

Start in the theme section of the formatting tab. The first thing you can choose is one of our pre-set themes. You can see what each theme will look like in the Preview along the right hand side. Scroll through the options until you find a design that suits your book. 

Set Chapter Header Details 

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can decide how you would like the header of each chapter to display. Under Visible Chapter Details, you have the option to choose Number, Title, and Subtitle. 

Number refers to the first section showing in your heading. You can adjust the layout and style using the Chapter Number View options. 

The Title refers to what you have included in the Chapter Title label for each chapter. 

Finally, you can choose whether or not to include a formatted sub-title in your chapter header. 

You can further adjust the appearance of your header by changing the alignment. 

When you’re happy with the look of your Chapter Headers, we can move onto formatting the paragraphs within your body text. 

Set Paragraph Formatting

For the first sentence of each chapter you can choose whether to apply Drop Caps and/or Lead in Small Caps. Decide whether you want these options to apply only to the first sentence of the chapter, or to every first sentence after an ornamental scene break, as well. 

If you choose Beginning of Chapter, every sentence following the break will be left aligned without an indent, even if your paragraphs are separated with indents, rather than additional spaces. This is industry standard formatting. 

If you have these settings applied in your Theme, you must be sure there is no additional space between your title and the body content of your page in order to have these elements show up properly. 

Next in the Theme settings are ornamental breaks. To break up scenes within your chapters, you can insert an Ornamental Break. You can set the design by choosing an image from our Image library. This design choice will apply to all ornamental breaks used throughout the rest of your book. 

Choose Print Settings

The rest of the settings are relevant exclusively to Print versions of your book.

You can choose the style of Header / Footer you would like in your book, the font you would like to use, including the size and line spacing.

Atticus provides you with a choice of the most popular industry standard trim sizes for printed books, including a useful reference key to help you decide which trim size is best depending on your primary publisher.

In the Advanced Settings, you can decide whether you would like your content justified, which gives your content a clean, uniform look, or leave it with standard left alignment. You can also choose whether or not you would like words to hyphenate in order to keep spacing consistent.

Next we have the ability to set your margins. The inside margin is the space where your two pages meet in the center and outside margins are at the outer edges of each page.

Finally, you can adjust the font size and line spacing for your print book.

Design Your Book with Atticus – Next In Series

Now you know how you can customize one of the preformatted themes within Atticus. In part two of this Design Your Book with Atticus series, you’ll learn how to create a completely customized theme for your book, including choosing images and fonts for your chapter pages.

Last Updated: 01/21/2023

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