Design a Two Page Image Spread

Hi there and welcome to another tutorial to help you design a professional quality book using Atticus. In part two of the Design Series, you learned how to set up custom headers using various types of images. In this article, we’re going to advance that look by creating a custom two page spread for the opening of your chapters of your Print book. 

Before we get started, you will need to design images to fit the trim size of your book. It’s important to note that this spread only applies to print versions of your book, as eBooks don’t show two pages side by side. For more details on how to properly size your images for the best results, check out our related post, Image Sizing for Print and EBooks.

Create a Custom Theme for Right Page of Spread

Once you have your images ready to go, we’ll start by creating a Custom Theme. 

The Background Image Layout will allow you to place an image behind the text of your header and first page of your chapter. 

If you would like the same two page spread to appear throughout your book with each chapter, upload the image you have designed for the right side of the page here. 

Remember, you’ll want this image to be light enough that the text of your chapter is still easy to read. 

Make sure you click on the Full Bleed option so that your image extends to the very edges of your page and doesn’t stop abruptly along the margins. 

If you’d like to use a different two page spread for each chapter, you can choose to Use Individual Chapter Images.

Insert Full Page Images for Left Page of Spread

Once you’ve set up the rest of your custom theme and saved it, you can start inserting the image or images that will appear on the left side of your page. 

Atticus is designed so that the first page of your body content will always appear on the right side of your page. This means that to insert an image to the left of the first page in your body content, you’ll have to upload it to the Front Matter. 

Do this by using the Add a Chapter button to insert a Full Page Image and then dragging it into place as the last item in your Front Matter.

Change the title as you would like to see it in the navigation panel, and then click the plus sign to import your prepared image. Again, make sure you have clicked the Full Bleed option. 

Once inserted, click the three dots beside the title of your image in the navigation panel and ensure that this image will load on the left side of the page. Click Begin On > Left-side.

Insert Custom Chapter Images [Optional]

If you’ve chosen to insert the same image throughout all the headers of your book, it will automatically be included on your Chapter pages. 

If you’ve chosen to use individual chapter images, you can insert the image you’ve prepared for your first chapter by clicking on the Add Image link near the chapter title.

As always, make sure you choose Full Bleed for this image. 

You can now repeat the process for each of the chapters of your book. 

Create a Two Page Image Spread for Each Chapter

First, insert a full page image between each chapter and set it to full bleed. Make sure you set it to Begin on > Left-side each time. 

If you’re using the same spread, you won’t have to adjust each individual chapter. However, if you’d like a new image for each chapter header, you can repeat the process of adding a new image to the header of each chapter.

For added peace of mind, you can also set each chapter to Begin on > Right side, but it is very important that all your full page images Begin on > Left side or the images won’t create a spread.

Once you’re finished, you can Export to PDF and it will be ready for print. If you’d like to see what this sample looks like if it were published through KDP, here is an inside look. 

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Last Updated: 10/20/2022

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