Exporting Your Book & Ebook

Your ePub, PDF and .docx files can be exported in the Book Details section. To get to your Book Details section go into Writing mode, then click on the edit icon right next to your book title. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you’ll find the individual buttons to export each file type.

Alternatively, to export your ePub or PDF versions, you can also go into Formatting mode, and then click on the Content button in the left column. 

To view the export buttons, look underneath the previewer in the right column.

Image from within the Formatting mode of Atticus, showing the iPad previewer and the ePub and PDF export buttons below it.

If you don’t see the export buttons fully, our related tutorial on troubleshooting export buttons should help.

Downloading Your Ebook

Your ePub file downloads right away and can be found in your system’s downloads folder.

Downloading Your Book

PDF files are sent directly to your email within a few minutes. Be sure to also check your promotional folder, just in case.

Last Updated: 12/29/2021

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