How to Prepare Your Word Document for Upload

What Creates a New Chapter in Atticus in a Word Document

  • Header 1 font
  • Font size 20px or larger
  • Inserting a page break
  • Adding 3 blank paragraphs by hitting the “Enter” key 4 times

What Adds/Imports Chapter Names

  • Header 1 font
  • Font size 20px or larger

Here’s what it looks like when you import your document into Atticus. You can see that Atticus read the first line of the document as a chapter title.

New chapter in Atticus

Here’s what it looks like with a page break:

New chapter in Atticus page break

And here’s what it looks like with a Header 1 tag:

Header 1 chapter break in Atticus

And as you can see in the Word document, it noted the paragraph break in the document with the 3 lines by hitting “Enter” 4 times and created a chapter there.

3 blank paragraph atticus

And finally, here is how it looks when Atticus creates a chapter from font size 20:

Font size 20 Atticus

Other Tips

Currently, Atticus will not register using the 3 asterisks (***) as an ornamental break. However, in the future Atticus will register this and you’ll be able to use this feature. Stay tuned for more!

How to insert a Page Break in Microsoft Word: 

  1. Put your cursor where you want the page break to be
  2. Choose “Insert” in the top menu
  3. Then choose “Page Break” 

Now Atticus will recognize this and create a new chapter!

How to Make a Chapter Title into Header 1 sizing

  1. Highlight the chapter title
  2. In the font bar at the top of Microsoft Word, choose “Heading 1”

Title Page and Copyright Page Information

Currently, Atticus does not automatically recognize a title page or copyright page upon importing. Instead, we have a space in Atticus where you can build these into your document by adding the information after uploading. Because of this, we recommend not including this in your initial manuscript in Microsoft Word and adding it after uploading your manuscript. You can find out exactly how to add this information here.