How to Update Atticus

Atticus updates are automatically rolled out to integrate seamlessly with your app, ensuring you have access to the latest features and enhancements. Occasionally, especially after a recent update to Atticus or your browser, Atticus may not work quite as you’d expect. This could be due to cached resources causing problems, and in this case, it may be necessary to perform a hard refresh.

This simple action is similar to turning your computer off and on to optimize its performance, it simply allows Atticus to bypass the information stored in the cache and load a fresh version.

  1. Log out of Atticus using the profile icon in the top right
  2. Log back in
  3. Do a hard refresh
    • Windows Chrome Users: Press CTRL + Shift + R
    • Mac Chrome Users: Press CMD + Shift + R
    • Safari Users: Press Option + Command + E
    • Firefox & Explorer Users: Press CTRL + F5

If a hard refresh does not work, then you may need to clear your browser cache and cookies completely. A quick Google search should help you with that, or you are always welcome to write into our support email for additional help.

Last Updated: 03/28/2024

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