Import Stylized Text into Atticus

Welcome back to another quick tutorial about importing your document into Atticus. If you’ve imported a .docx file and you find that it hasn’t retained all of your stylized text, such as italics or bolded font, it may have to do with how it’s created within the word document itself.

I’m going to show you a fairly quick and easy way to adjust this and try to explain why it’s happening.

Using Styles in Word vs Atticus

Because Atticus is not just a word processing program, such as Word, but also a formatting program, it doesn’t understand all of the different styles that Word uses.

Screenshot of the Style menu in Word.

Every single one of these has to be uniquely programed because it’s like an entirely different language. Right now, within Atticus, if you have the Heading 1 style tag applied, it will import that as a Chapter Title. If you have the Heading 2 style applied, it will import that as a Subheading.

Aside from these two styles, anything else will not be imported into Atticus. It will simply be imported as plain text. In my document here you can see I have some italics. However, they’re using this style emphasis. So when I import this into Atticus, it will not bring the italics with it.

How to Remove Styling From Word Document

What I have to do is convert all of these into normal style with an italics format applied to it, and then Atticus will understand what I’m trying to do. If this is similar in your book and you have any styling such as Emphasis, Strong, or any of these other style tags, there’s a quick way around it.

  • Highlight a section of text that has the style applied to it
  • Click the dropdown arrow beside Select from the menu to the right of the Style options and choose “Select Text with Similar Formatting”
  • Give it a moment to go through the entire book and it will highlight all of the text that has the same formatting applied to it.
Screenshot of the Select Text with Similar Formatting feature in Word

Give it a moment to go through your entire book and highlight all the text that has the same formatting applied to it. Next, you’ll need to remove this formatting.

  • Click the little arrow to pull out your style menu and choose “Clear Formatting.”
Screenshot of the Clear Formatting feature in Word

That will remove the emphasis tag, or any other style you have selected

When you’re doing this, be very sure not to click anywhere or you’ll lose all your highlighting.

Once the formatting has been cleared, apply the style of your choice form the standard Font menu, such as italics, or bold.

Atticus will understand this formatting and be able to import the stylized text easily.

For more tips on efficiently importing into Atticus, make sure you check out this related tutorial: How To Prepare Your Word Document For Upload

Last Updated: 02/27/2024

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