Importing Existing Work


Atticus best imports .docx files, which can be generated from most word processors, including Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and Pages.

Step 1

Log into Atticus

Step 2

Select UPLOAD, which will bring up the Upload window:


If Atticus seems to have trouble importing your file, make sure your document is saved as a .docx (with an x at the end) and that it doesn’t have a table of contents. Atticus will automatically create and internally link a TOC for you, so there’s no need to import one!

Step 3

Simply choose or drag and drop your .docx file into the window, enter a Title and Author name, and begin the importing process by clicking the Go Get Em Atticus! Button.

The Project Name is useful when a book is part of a series, but isn’t required to create or upload your book.

Step 4

Atticus automatically recognizes H1 formatting and 20 point font (or larger) as Chapter Titles, and H2 formatting and 18 point font as Subheadings.

Atticus also recognizes Page Breaks or three consecutive empty lines as new chapters.

Last Updated: 10/20/2022

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