Interior Book Images

In this article, we’re going to explore the options available to you for adding images inside the chapters of your manuscript. 

Add an Image

To get started, let’s navigate to the content section of Atticus to view one of our chapters. Find a point you would like to insert an image and click the image icon from the toolbar. Choose your image and click “Open.”

You’ll be brought to the general image options. Let’s simply upload the image to see what it looks like. 

Once uploaded, we can click the gear icon in the top right of the image to customize how it looks. You can scale the image based on the overall width, and choose your alignment settings. Click the green button again to see your changes take effect in the previewer.

Use Text Wrap Around Images

Let’s try another image and explore some of the additional settings. This time, after uploading, I’m going to edit the size and choose “Wrap Image” so that the image is left aligned and the text is wrapped around it, filling up the page. 

You can also do this for a picture that is right aligned. Even when you want an image to align to the right side of your page, insert it before the first word in the paragraph you’d like wrapped around the image. 

Add Links to Images

In addition to changing the alignment, you can also add links to the images you insert in the ePub version of your book. You can choose either to have a web link, in which case if a reader taps the image on their screen it will pull up a separate browser window with the link you include. Always make sure to include the proper ahrefs when typing in your link.

Alternatively, you can include an internal link, if you’d like the reader to be brought to another point in your book. 

Design Your Book with Atticus Next in Series

Those are just a few suggestions for how you can use images within the chapters of your manuscript to add more design elements to your book. 

The final tutorial in this Design Series will tackle a slightly more advanced technique, yet one that will only take minutes and truly set the design of your book apart from all it’s competitors: Design a Two Page Image Spread

Last Updated: 11/01/2021

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