Quick Start Guide

Learn how to format your book in just a few minutes using Atticus.

Step 1 – Import an Existing Book

To import an existing book or work in progress click the “Upload” button. Then drag and drop your .docx or .rtf file into the box or click to open the file viewer. You can also import .epub, or .mobi files, however, they do not always import as smoothly and should be used as a last resort.

***Before you import your .docx, be sure to check out this guide to prepare your file for upload. It is not recommended to copy and paste your book into Atticus because it can bring in hidden and incompatible code from the previous word processor.

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Step 2 – Organize Your Book

After uploading your book, you will see your content along with a sidebar with three sections: Front Matter, Body and Back Matter. If properly styled before uploading, Atticus will automatically separate and show the titles for all of your chapters in the Body section.

Whether you create a new book or upload an existing book, Atticus will automatically create a Title Page, Copyright Page and Table of Contents for your book. You can drag and drop chapters anywhere in the book as well as add new chapters. Click the three dots next to Add Chapter, to see a menu of special chapter types you can add to your book.

***You can also drag and drop additional .docx files into an existing book.

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Step 3 – Edit Your Book Details

When you click the title of your book, it will open the Book Details section where you can add your ebook cover and edit the title, author name and other important metadata at any time.

Your print cover will be uploaded to your print on demand service separate from your print book file so there is no need to add it into Atticus.

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Step 4 – Choose Your Theme Settings

Click the Formatting button on the top of the screen to start designing your book. This is where you will choose your theme style and settings. You have control over what is displayed on the chapter page, paragraph settings, ornamental breaks, as well as numerous print settings.

***Most of the default settings on this page are based on industry standards. You have the freedom to change any of these settings but don’t need to if you like to keep things quick and easy.

In the formatting section, you also get to preview your book in real time so you can see what the settings will look like in your final export.Use the dropdown menu to preview the print version of your book as well as many popular e-reader devices.

***The print version takes longer to load because every key stroke or formatting change needs to be re-rendered throughout the entire book in order to provide an accurate preview.

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Step 5 – Export Your Book

Now that you’ve created your unique book, it is time to export. Just click the buttons below the previewer to export the ePub and print versions of your book.

You can export a .docx version of your book (without the special formatting) at the bottom of the Book Details page.

Last Updated: 10/20/2022

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