Successful Writers: Tips, Insights, and the Decision Making Process

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Mid January is the perfect opportunity to reflect on ambitious New Years Resolutions and adjust your plans to reflect a few weeks of realistic practical application. Successful writers don’t just set goals, they adjust and readjust as necessary and keep working toward their dreams with relentless determination.

I recently asked Atticus Authors to share their 2024 goals and planning styles. The mix of responses was incredible!

I’m putting together a little resource which I’m excited to share soon, but I find it so validating and inspiring to hear from others on such a similar path to myself.

2024 Author Goals: Writing, Publishing, and Beyond

It probably won’t surprise you to hear most of the responses related to either writing or publishing more books. Many authors also wrote in with goals of either being more productive or becoming a better author in a business sense – whether that means more skilled at writing, sales, or marketing.

If you put them all together, the common thread is the desire to improve as an writer and become a more successful author. We all want to write–that is our dream. But the self-publishing revolution is quickly teaching us that honing the craft, understanding the market, and connecting with readers in meaningful ways is just as important as words on the page. The full spectrum of authorship requires a holistic approach to writing and publishing and that is what sets successful writers apart from the rest.

Traits of Successful Writers in 2024

What sets successful writers apart? It’s not just about talent or even how many books you can publish; it’s about a commitment to continuous learning, adapting to new publishing trends, and balancing creativity with business acumen.

One of the personality traits I have always attributed to my greatest success factor in life is my excitement for learning. I know that makes me sound like the nerdy kid who loved school but…I was that kid. I still am!

The cool thing about learning is that, as an adult, you can choose what you want to learn and, when you are passionate about a topic, it’s much more fun and easy to focus on.

Atticus does a lot of training and presentations on how to use Atticus, but as a company, we’re also devoted to sharing opportunities to help you grow as an author overall.

Opportunities for Growth: Choosing Wisely

Throughout the year, we’ll introduce various learning opportunities that have the potential to improve your success as an author, including webinars, summits, books, and more. Whenever we do, I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Will this help me improve a skill that I need to grow my author business?
  2. Is this topic relevant to me/my business right now
  3. Do I have the resources (time, money, interest) to truly benefit from this learning opportunity

Not all opportunities are created equal and what is absolutely epic with perfect timing for one author may be the last thing another author needs.

What are you working on? What areas of your writing business might need a little extra TLC? Consider that before jumping into any opportunity and make your decisions carefully. If you take on too much, you’ll overwhelm yourself. If you spend too little time and effort learning to grow, you’ll plateau.

Now that you’re thinking critically, I have an opportunity for you to consider.

The 6th Annual Women In Publishing Summit

Women In Publishing Summit logo with tagline Empower. Encourage. Support.

This 4 day event has over 40 sessions covering everything from the craft of writing, to editing and publishing, to marketing and building your business. They have structured it to be relevant depending on where you are in your author career right now – from beginner to professional.

The target audience is women and the experts are women (myself included!), so that might help narrow down your decision making process.

As a speaker, I’ve been offered a coupon to share that will give you an additinal $25 off the ticket price and there’s currently early bird pricing running now until the 15th.

This is one of the events I am most looking forward to this year. Here is how you can check it out to see if it meets the criteria for you as well.

📅 Dates: March 6 -9, 2024

Early Bird Pricing Deadline: January 15, 2024


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