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Accessing Atticus

Accessing Atticus video thumbnail - click to watch

In this tutorial, learn how to:

  • Setup your account 
  • Use Atticus through your web browser
  • Download Atticus as an app to your computer
  • Use Atticus offline

Preparing Your Word Doc For Upload

In this tutorial, learn:

  • How to prepare your Word doc for uploading to Atticus
  • What makes a new chapter break
  • What causes a chapter title to automatically get added in Atticus
  • Tips and tricks to pre-formatting your Word Doc

Formatting Your Book With Atticus

In this tutorial, learn:

  • How to create and format the front & back matter 
  • Set up chapters, images and other pages in your book
  • Additional formatting features
  • Exporting options

Adding Design To Your Book With Atticus

Designing Your Book With Atticus Thumbnail

In this tutorial, learn:

  • Choose a theme for your book
  • Set your header design
  • Format your page design
  • Customize Front & Back matter and so much more...